2 Californians in BA for 3 months


Dec 17, 2008
Hi- My name is Erin & I'm traveling to BA with my boyfriend Al at the end of Feb. and staying until the end of May. I am a teacher in California and hoping to find some work teaching English in BA and also learning some Spanish myself. Al is fluent in Spanish and also looking for a fun way to spend some of his time in BA. We are currently on the apartment hunt...and not having much luck.

This is our first time traveling to Argentina and we are very excited! Any info or advice would be very helpful. Thanks!:)
Argentina, as most nations, requires a work visa before you are allowed to work -- same as in the States. It mightn't be worth your while getting that visa for so brief a stay, however, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to work a la mexicana.

I think you have taken a very good decision, you will have a fun and interesting time here.

I am a Spanish Teacher for Foreigners and a Personal Guide. It would be nice to have a talk and a beer or coffee when you arrive. It is always good to have someone to contact when you arrive to a new country.
My address: [email protected]

Mucha suerte. Y muchas felicidades en el nuevo año.

What up Cali? Be sure to take a trip to Bariloche, which is "Tahoe on Steriods"