2010 Dakar Rally Events

A new season, some more death to be expected...The show must go on.:mad:

I hope at least the millions of Euros spent on producing pollution and noise will somewhat serve Argentines interests.

They couldnt kill Africans any more due to terrorists threats. See how Argentina is a safe country!

A french movie from the 80s anticipated the development of those blood for audience broadcasts :
Le Prix du Danger
The running man
But then those people that participate they like the danger and the risk associated, is they choice no one forced them to participate. I wouldn't do it in a million years but there are people out there who would. I suppose it's like to jump from a plane just for fun or bungee jump from a bridge, some people are crazy enough to do that sort of things and if they are happy doing that we are not the ones who should judge them, in other words fifila it's better not to over dramatize this event which is like many others around the world. And in respect to Argentina it will help promoting the country around the world and not just get a mention on the news when only something bad occurs, which is what the international media is doing all the time around the world with this country.
Thanks for feeding the debate, Lucas :)

It wouldnt be such a dramatic problem indeed if those "adventurers" were not filmed. The idea it promotes is that it s ok to go full speed on tracks of third world countries, rushing throuh villages and occasionally stealing lives (9 children killed), as long as you can pay for it. A predatory vision of relations with other poorer countries. The Dakar crosses the poorest regions of Argentina and Chile, how does it benefit local populations? How difficult would it be to bring french humanitarian organizations with the caravan, since all the infrastructure is already there?

In France, the debate has been going for years, since the Dakar makes many people uneasy, for it doesnt promote a positive image of our country.

I watched last years broadcasts in France, expecting to see the atmosphere and the incredible beauty of the argentine far west. This could have indeed been an argument in favor of this event in Argentina. Unfortunatly... the images didnt concentrate on those landscapes, just on cars, motorcycles, dust clouds, noise. The names of the villages crossed were not given.

This is to be compared with the Tour de France, highly criticized too for the "chemicals" used. Everyday, the organisers promote tourism in France, with an half an hour broadcast about the region, beautiful videos, display of local products. Not such a thing in the Dakar, this is not their mission.
With all due respect Fifila and please do not take this as it's a lecture but you do not have an idea what car racing is in this country, it is a passion second to soccer and this has been going for ages with races all over the country as "Turismo de Carretera" Galvez was an icon of those events as they were Marimon, Fangio to name a few, and far more people die by accidents and plain stupidity (now regulated and on enclosed areas) on those event than this so called Dakar competition it's just minimal compared with the car races of a bygone era, of course this sport require a lot of money and Argentina when down the hill in that respect so these events went down the hill as well, but such racers were very popular and still so in less degree nowadays, have a look at this link to inform yourself what it's all about, what was 40's 50's and still is those races. Not long ago there were Formula One in this country at the "Autodromo Municipal de Buenos Aires" until unfortunately money and sponsors run out of cash to burn, but sooner or later I'm sure it will come back because in Argentina the people like very much to have they car racers events, just check the 9 de Julio the day they Start the Dakar race and you will comprehend a little better what it's all about.

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Also rally itself is quite popular in Argentina, specially in Córdoba, which explains the great reception the Dakar had last year.

The opportunity of having a world class competition (we dont have a lot of those here) and the chance to recieve investments and promoting the country is to good to pass.

Sure every human activity has its risk and a racing competition is particulary dangerous. Thats why we should work to reduce the possible problems to a minimum, but cancelling the race would be plain stupid. Actually it would be so stupid that we might actually do it.:D