5 months, 5 cities what do you recommend?


If you had 5 months to spend in Argentina and Chile. Where would you spend your time? We already plan to be in BA for 1 month. We could spend the entire 5 months there and make trips to tigre, Mendoza, Montevideo, etc. or we could spend one month in BA, a few weeks in Salta, etc. What are the best towns or cities to stay in for a few weeks at a time?



Other then BA and Santiago I don't think another city are worth spending a month. I would try to travel and stay a couple of days in every city.

Rosario, Salta, San Miguel, Mendoza, Cordoba, Rosario, Santiago, Puerto Montt, Iquique are all pretty nice and I am sure I am missing a few on the way

If you go in Summer time you could also pick Mar del Plat, Pinamar, Punta Del Este, Montevideo or Valpariso