6 Nations Rugby


Dec 4, 2009
Hi All,
I am relatively new to BA and I am looking to watch the rugby the year in a lively bar.
The 6 Nations starts next Saturday with Ireland facing Italy. I was wondering if anyone can recommend good bars to watch the rugby next week. Is there any place in particular that will have a good atmosphere and attract a decent crowd? Or is there are specific place that has traditionally drawn and expat crowd?
Thanks for any ideas.
Im also wondering those anyone have any Ideas on where will be showing the 6 nations. We went to the Irish Pub "Downtown Matias" in belgrano to see the Italy game, thinking there was a good chance it would be showing...it wasnt :(

Ive heard that the "Down town Matias" in Recoleta is showing the matches..was anyone there for the Ireland/Italy game?
Hi there,

I'm French, in my late 30s, like watching rugby, love good beer and live in BA since 2003.
Even 1/16th of my blood is Irish btw !

It shouldn't be that hard to find a spot where to watch the games.

I'll be searching for a good place to watch next ones (incl. France/Ireland... supposed to be "the" game of this tournament next saturday), I'll keep you informed, hoping you won't mind (you won't) having a frog amongst you.
I will give the owner of the Shamrock bar a call as he is likely to have it on. I am very keen to see it myself. I will report back if I have any success. Let me know if there are any alternatives.

Friend of Rose.
was actually out of town at the weekend and watched the matches in Montevideo - In the hotel on ESPN, as the bars don't open until evening time there!

Was actually in Recoleta's Down Town Matias last year for the Ireland games, they certainly showed them last year - If anyone wants to get together for the French game next week as our jurist friend suggests, I am game - Not too convinced after the first set of matches..... Name the place (The Shamrock will be good if open!)
I was looking around for this. Sugar bar is showing Ireland beat France :)

Ireland V France - Saturday 1.30pm
The owner of Le Merval bar (Viamonte 859, microcentro) is a Frenchman and rugby fanatic. They will be showing all France's games at least, including Ireland v France on Saturday. So if you want to watch the game with a bunch of Frenchies, that's your place.
Surprisingly I actually like rugby. It is a great sport, shall deffo head for Le Merval when there is a match on. Does Argentine rugby have the same atmosphere as British rugby?
MichaelO said:
I was looking around for this. Sugar bar is showing Ireland beat France :)

Maybe maybe !
- Ireland has not been losing its ultimate 13 games... 13 !
- Ireland won the 6 nations last year and could win it again (only France has managed to win the 6 nations 2 times in a row).
- Both teams are facing injuries.
- Both teams "could have done better" last w.e.
- Both teams are the 6 nations 2010 favourites
- One gossip : Bastareaud (the strong black guy who scored two tries last w.e. is William Gallas cousin : Gallas is the one who scored consecutively to Henry's handling of the ball).
- Within the last 40 years or so, Ireland only managed to win once on french soil.

Personally, I regret that France lost a bit of its "champagne rugby", and I can see Ireland winning this game ... but for sure it will be a great game to watch !

Let's not forget England though, the fact they have been buried quite quickly by "experts" could actually boost them up quite badly.

It could be a good idea to mix up Irish and French fans in a pub, I can advertise for this on some french boards if required.
nice statistics FJ.
interesting one about Bastareaud. But if he makes any 'Henry' style moves against Ireland I can already see the names they will call him.

I want to see a good game. The outcome is important but I want an exciting game more than that.