A brief introduction


Mar 8, 2007
Hola!As this is the newcomers forum, I want to introduce myself to this community and to thank those who actively participate and make it so successful. I am a 4th year medical student from the east coast about to plunge into Buenos Aires life for the next 7 (or so) months starting in April. There are many reasons why I am not matching into a residency program like my peers right now, including uncertainty about my professional as well as personal life goals and I do not know any Spanish. My top priorities upon arrivingl to BA will be intensive spanish immersion classes as well as perfecting my tango technique (I've only taken about 6 months of classes in the states so far, but I learn fast and LOVE it).I hope to meet many of you soon!
I do have some business on my agenda: 1. Has anybody ever used the company Adelsure (http://www.adelsur.com/) to rent apartments in BA? Please respond with any personal or by proxy success/horror stories about using this company!2. I would be interested in sharing a flat with another non-smoking female student or professional so please contact me if there is interest...Olga
Hi Olga! I am new to BA also. I am here on assignment from my company for the next year and a half. I have a lot of friends in 3rd or 4th year med school, and you are not alone!
That's great that you are into Tango, it seems like a lot of fun and hard work! I went through the whole apartment search thing, so let me know if you need help. I have a whole list of websites and I ended up using one of them. I wouldn't say they are the best but they had what I am looking for. If you'd like the list let me know :)
Hey Sneha,Thanks for your post. I would love to see your list and to know which company you ended up using. Also, did your flat have internet already installed?
What kind of company do you work for? I would LOVE if I worked for a company that based me in BA for a year and a half! =)
Thank you again for your help!