A career in teaching?


Sep 26, 2009
I'm a career-changer and part of the reason I moved to Buenos Aires was to look into potential career options for my return to the US. Teaching is high on my list of interests. Are any of you teachers who would allow me to shadow you for a day or two? I realize many schools are already out for summer, but I thought I'd try in case anyone is still teaching.

Aside from shadowing, if any teachers would like to share their experiences in the field (especially in the US) I'd like to chat with you!

Hi Caitlin -
I was a teacher for years in the US (high school) and am now teaching TEFL here. I'd love to share my experiences or answer questions you may have. PM me; I hope to go on a brief vacation starting next week, so we could chat before or after!

HI. I travel back and forth from Argentina to USA way to often and many people say I should just move to Argentina. It is a nice idea since my family is from Argentina. I am thinking of becoming TEFL certified. Does it matter what company I get certified through? Does anyone have recommendations on a program I can get into that will also help place me with a job in Buenos Aires?? Any advise will be helpful. I know the pay is not great. I receive a military retirement so I just need to make extra money to help me along. Suerte
I have been living in Buenos Aires for a few months now and have friends and a roommate who are both teaching English in buenos Aires and really like it. It is not necessarily a position that is going to get you rich, but with the right schedule, you can actually make pretty good money to live in Buenos Aires.

I have heard from them that its best to get various employers to make up a schedule, or work privately. You have to be more organized to work privately but at least you keep all the money.

There are different comapnies in ba that do the certification, there are organizations like CELTA or their are more independent organizations that offer the same course, teaching materials, and a TEFL certificate, they just don't carry a 'big' name. As far as i have heard, it doesnt really matter where you get your TEFL certificate, only that you have the min amount of hours (100-120), and have been through all the teaching methodolgies, grammar, etc, so that you are able to teach well. My friend attended a school in downtown buenos aires, she was done her certificate in 4 weeks, and they helped her find a job immediatly after. The school is TEFL Buenos Aires and she was super happy with the results.

You may not get rich teaching TEFL in buenos aires but you can certainly live well and enjoy this beautiful city.
hi! would you mind me asking which sort of salary a teacher can get here?
radeckcom said:
hi! would you mind me asking which sort of salary a teacher can get here?
I went for an interview(and I was offered the post)then they said it was 17 pesos per hour:confused:....at a school in Boulgne(San Isidro)I teach privately now and charge 40 pesos per hour....It,s easier for me too as I have transport and a good knowledge of the Northern parts of BA;)
@Howard and others
I also teach exclusively private and my fees are minimum 50 pesos an hour (I teach French, my mother tongue) From March, I have a few students at that fare.
I got fed up with the ridiculously low salary, (though I enjoy a lot teaching), from the institutos, many of them have no idea how to run a business and to see on the long term
Bearing in mind the inflation, I think we teachers are even cheaper than a person who will, for example, fix the tubes in an apartment (with all the respect I have for real efective workers)
I also believe that I would prefer to spend on good education rather on the cheapest. As I said , I am aware of the purchasing power of potential students, and one finds cheaper teachers however I try to defend my values and arguments. (check the number of people who everyday buy small bottles of gaseosas, cel phone credit recharges, ice creams, or useless stuff... ) weekly they spend some money that could be saved to pay us more:) , if they are really motivated to learn
Hi Cricri.is that your real name??? yes I agree- but also you must be careful not to price yourself out of the market...it really depends where you teach.saludos, Howard

I got a TEFL last year.

At least half the people (or should I say teachers) went home after the course when they realized how hard it was to get work and what the pay was.

I taught in an institute and enjoyed it, apart from the forms. Basically I do not believe there is enough pay to get by from this type of teaching. You need another form of income. I am just trying to be realistic here, so that anyone planning a visit will not go hungry.