A few things to sell before moving!


Nov 4, 2009
I have sold most of the stuff I needed to downsize.... but I still have a couple of things left.....

Phone stand -2 drawers 250 pesos

bahuit? I am not sure of what to call it -----a well made storage cabinet for dishes or whatever was next to my dining table.. please see the photo 1200 pesos

2 bookshelves cabinets.. used them for wine hahaha 500 each

also have some transformers .. converters takes 220 to the 110

I used these for a desktop computer from the US and other us things like an elec razor.. or when friends visited curling irons haha etc...

one 150 watt
one 500 watt not sure what to ask.... 150 pesos for both? also have some power strips for these surge protectors

Bose Ipod speaker-charger 350 dollars( what I paid and they are like 550 dollars here)

TV stand with drawers i think they call this a chiffoner or something???? 500 pesos

Bar- Be-Que grill (not gas) charcoal 450 pesos new never used haha

I will post this and hope to see some of you on thursday or friday this week or the weekend.... I am on Bustamante in Barrio Norte

send me a PM or write [email protected]

The 2 electric transformer converters with surge protectors are sold... just wanted to update...thank you
bumping the thread.. last try..haha I cant believe nobody wants the bar-be-que or even the phone stand.. well anyway...have a good THANKSGIVING everybody!!!