A little Happy Hour Thursday nov 12th


I am fairly new to your site.... i have read a few posts about meeting more people... I enjoy Argentina..but i still dont know a lot of people.. and it would always be fun to meet more.. we need a Happy Hour!!!!
i figure i will just say ..if anyone is free lets meet for a little happy hour... i found this cool bar called the Wherever in Palermo santa fe and oro just down from the big bakery on Oro... 2476 Oro...
the food is very good.. and the happy hour is 5pm -10pm... sort of a 2 for 1 deal on rum and cokes, fernet and coke...and beer etc...
i know this is really late to tell people but i am going with or without you..haha so if one person shows cool.. if 10 do great... well hope to see ya at 5pm...or later....

2476 Oro