A new entity enters the CABA real estate market


IVC/PROP....Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad.....Housing Institute of the City
We are the agency responsible for carrying out the housing policy of the City of Buenos Aires.
From these three central axes, we work so that everyone can find their place in the City:
We promote socio-urban integration.
We offer mortgage credit lines.
We expand the alternatives to rent.

Property Finder....Sell, buy or rent

Rent: from the Housing Institute of the City we offer different alternatives so renting can be more accessible
BA Guarantee: know the program that will offer you an alternative to the traditional guarantee so that renting in the City is easier.
Legal advice services: frequent questions..know all the rights and obligations in cases of rentals.
Mediations in the communes due to rent conflicts. We offer you a free service of legal mediations for tenants and owners and thus avoid reaching a judicial instance.
To request a free Mediation, send an email to asesorialegal.alquileres@buenosaires.gob.ar with the following information.....
Signature Certifications: If your rent is less than 654 UVAs you can request the service of Certification of Signature for free.
To request an appointment with a Government Notary, you can contact #147. Remember that it will be necessary to present your ID and three copies.

Contract Template for Housing Rentals.....download the Contract Template here.
Below you will find the instructions to complete it correctly: