A random question and an update.

Hi All,

I was on this forum months back when I was trying to decide whether to accept a job in Argentina (and appreciated all the comments both positive and negative). I accepted it, life got busy and I didn't post (I did update at the time saying I'd accepted the job) but I'm in Argentina now.

1. A question. Can you buy nutritional yeast anywhere? I am shocked by all the things I've managed to find but I haven't spotted that anywhere. If you can buy it what's it called in Spanish.
2. I've only been here 2 weeks (so I realize I haven't even scratched the surface of what it's like to live here) but I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm in Quilmes (where overwhelmingly people told me not to live - even people who were from Quilmes!) and I have to say I rather like it. There's a lot more here than I expected especially for a vegetarian. A vegan pizza joint, a vegetarian restaurant, approximately 100 tiny shops selling all sorts of interesting vegetarian burger type things (frozen) along with beans, flours etc. There's even a tiny Japanese supermarket selling a bunch of asian food (ingredients etc, not a restaurant). And considering I only speak about 100 words of Spanish everyone has been lovely and patient.

I even found liquid smoke for sale (a product I'd never even heard of until I married a North America) so I'm pretty impressed. Everything except nutritional yeast!


Find a " Dietetica" for nutritional yeast ( ask for levadura para sopas ). There is an important Japanese community south of BsAs, that is probably why you are finding those ingredients :)
Thanks! Will definitely try asking at some Dietetiicas. There's no shortage of them around. And if not I'll definitely give New Garden a try next time we're in the Capital. Looks like a place we'd enjoy checking out regardless.
Oh and interesting to know about the Japanese community. That probably explains the supermarket (which we were quite surprised by). Some of the stuff they had was really surprising to me (I spent 5 years in Tokyo and it's definitely Japanese stuff - just not the Japanese stuff I'd rush to export) so it makes sense if they're serving a Japanese community.