A Tutor for a Dyslexic Child

Kathy K

I know, it's very specific and finding someone who has perfect English that can tutor my 8 year old is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but hey, I'm moving to BA and I never thought I could pull that off either....

Does anyone know of a English tutor who has training in working with someone who is dyslexic and can help our son with his reading skills?


And does anyone know of a school in BA that has a program or a teacher that works with kids that are dyslexic?


Maybe you should contact schools to get this specific information.

I think you should first decide what kind of school you want (in the center or not, many sports or not, English/bilingual/Spanish only,...) and then check their programs for dyslexic kids.

I have never heard anyone talk about it here, although where we come from (Belgium) it seems like half the school was dyslexic...