Abundance of plastic bags..


Nov 15, 2009
Ok, i confess, i ll show some kind of cultural pride here...but at least i don t claim to change argentine s habbits.

3 years ago, supermarkets were obliged to give up plastic bags in my region (Savoie, France) for environmental reasons, to preserve the wilderness of a moutainous touristic region. This has been a developing trend in France, but for once, not imposed by the central government. At first, i found it very unconvenient, since i was used to sort my food by destination with plastic bags in the car and used them then to sort garbage. Then i got used to bring my backpack and got accustomed to it.

What amazed me is that i found myself bothered by the abundance of plastic bags given in supermarkets here, usually half filled. I decided to go on with the habbits taken in France and bring my backpack (which is convenient with a motorcycle).

I was wondering how many kept that habbit here while they were forced to abandon plastic bags back home. Did you guys enjoy being allowed to go back to the convenience but somewhat polluting platic bags habbit or did you keep bringing your own containers? :cool:
WOW fif we actually agree on something :)

Yes I'm bothered by the amount of plastic bags too.

I'm also bothered by the fact the city does a poor job in promoting recycling. I would love to see separate street bins for cans and plastic.

I have yet to see one person here use an environment friendly reusable bag at the grocery store. I get people staring all the time at the check out line when I present the cashier with my reusable bags.

I'm so glad I brought some with me from Canada because the ones they sell at Disco are expensive and flimsy at best.
The bags are usually only 1/2 filled because they are so cheap they will break. Some times they are double bagged & half filled. I bring my own bags with me. I usually carry some with me in my handbag for shopping & for things related to walking the dogs.....
Thanks fifi for putting words to how I feel. I am really bothered by the plastic bags. I cringe every time I am handed one. It is like this little thing that bugs me every day. I don´t feel any cultural superiority on this one because ultimately, the US is a more rootin' tootin' pollutin' country that consumes and devores more resources than Argentinians, but I still don´t want to see so many plastic bags pass through MY hands if I can help it.

I have made a pact with myself to try to shop exclusively at verdurarías for my vegetables (mostly what I eat) because it supports their business, generally the produce is less bland and more flavorful, AND you can bring your own plastic bags. I find the worst of all is that you cannot buy one carrot at most big supermarkets without wrapping it up so they can weigh in a PLASTIC BAG. At least the verdurarías will humor you if you bring your own bags.

Some store keepers in the small shops I try to support absolutely insist on it, so I bring my own plastic bags and thank them kindly, which usually satisfies them, and I try to reuse them until they fall apart. The problem is they fall apart all too soon.

Also, I have given up on the efficiency of the cartoneras. I want my stuff recycled (even though I know buying less is more important than recycling, which I also TRY to do...in our house we pick appliances we need off the street and fix 'em!....ok my boyfriend fixes them, I am not that smart), so I bag it up to take to the giant alien pods in Congreso, the ones closest to me. If I see a cartonera along the way collecting more than exclusively cardboard, I offer it to him or her....the problem is, this strategy usually necessitates....a plastic bag.

AND can anyone teach me how to compost all the food bits I throw away when I have a tiny urban apartment and no plants? Or is it impossible?
Like Lee - I reuse all the plastic bags I get at the grocery store. So once they come home with me, they get used for garbage bags, to pick up after the dog if I'm walking a friend's dog, etc.
Yep - We all seem to agree on this one. Coming from Ireland where plastic bags have been discouraged for years by charging you for each one, we all got into the habit of bringing our own bags when shopping.

Well, I went to the local Wal Mart here, with my re-useable bags, and i was refused entry to the store, told (I think) that I could not bring any bags into the store. they have lockers outside to put your other shopping in while you are in Wal Mart - But they wont let me take my own "empty" bags in - I assume they consider bags as covers for shop-lifting.

Well, I used the lockers, thinking I could just pack when I was finsihed shopping, but at the checkout, the assistamt insisted on filling up the crappy plastic bags.... My Castellano is nowhere near good enough to have a debate with the store, but hopefully it will be - one day.... I just use the plastic bags at home as bin liners for rubbish - not ideal, but the best I can do for now....
grrr, Liam. Down with Walmart!

I go to Carrefour and COTO all the time with my empty bags. I put my backpack and other biking essentials in the locker and only enter with a small purse and a wad of dirty, holey, raggy looking empty bags all wadded up that I throw in the cart.

I would boycot that Walmart if I were you! Or at least try again on another day. You may get a different security guard.