Accutane (Isotetrinoin) and Dermatology in Buenos Aires


Mar 27, 2009
Fellow forum users:

I came to Buenos Aires on vacation but ended up staying for work. I am currently midway through a 6-8 month course of the acne drug Accutane, prescribed to me by my doctor in the US. As I only came for vacation, I will soon run out of the drug.

Does anyone have experience with this drug in Argentina? In the US there is a strict process of blood testing before the initial prescription and each refill. Is there a similar process here? Does anyone have any idea of the cost of the drug here?

Furthermore, I will need to find a good dermatologist who has some experience prescribing Accutane and that will be able to see me relatively quickly.

I anxiously await your responses,

Hi Nexus, Isotretinoine is sold here as Curacne or Roaccutan. The price of ROACCUTAN 20G x 30 is around 280 pesos. I never needed that drug in particular but I usually get what I ask for even without a prescription. As to dermatologists I can recommend one but she is in San Isidro. Let me know if that is of help.
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