Adult Remedial Education / High School Equivalency


My maid, a 23 yr old Bolivian woman, would like to complete her high school education. She made it through her second year of high school in Bolivia. Does anyone know where I could find a school or institute for her that offers some kind of adult remedial education or high school equivalency?


She can try this:

Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno

Florida 461 1º piso 4393-8081 4393-8081 / 4394-5558 4394-5558
Belgrano Av. Cabildo 839 1º Piso 4772-4451 4772-4451
Flores Av. Rivadavia 6790 1er. Piso 4632-1634 4632-1634

Two of my wife's family members (from Paraguay) are finishing their collegio here, as well as three other friends. They offer regular day classes, night classes, and also distance classes where the student goes for like 3 hours on a Saturday for instruction and questions, but is self-paced. The classes are all legitimate, with state-run tests to complete course material officially.