Adventure Motorcycling/Camping Around Buenos Aires?


Oct 1, 2015
After pouring over Google's satellite maps of Buenos Aires and also talking to some local BA moto tour guides I can see that the rural lands surrounding the city to the west are, of course, flat and the roads thereupon flat and straight. I'm an adventure motorcyclist, so dirt roads are always my preference, especially when they lead to camp spots in secluded and beautiful areas, but as far as I can tell the dirt roads in the rural lands to the west don't offer much along those lines. I'm assuming the rural areas to BA's west are farms and ranches, so wouldn't really offer much adventure opportunity anyway.

However, looking to the northwest, literally just across the Lujan River, I see what GoogleMaps indicates to be some hilly pampas country, seemingly mostly undeveloped by urbanization or agriculture--I think I see a lot of forest and scrubland and wetland, perhaps? Am I seeing this correctly, that perhaps this area is indeed open for adventures on two wheels?

Basically, are there any areas for adventure motorcycling/camping around Buenos Aires? Anything an hour or less away from el Centro, specifically.