Advice on buying a used car?

Any advice on buying a used car with money from a bank in the US? I am a permanent resident. Is it possible to do a transfer straight to the dealer’s account here? Would person to person be somehow better? I literally have no idea.


We just bought a car through a dealership. A Chevrolet dealership told us they have an account in dollars, so I am assuming you could transfer the dollars in the States into that account. All the other dealerships, one of which we bought from, told us they would take only pesos, so we transferred the dollars through Wells Fargo, using a repetitive wire account we had already set up in the States. The dollars were converted to pesos by the bank and deposited into our peso account here. We don't have a dollar account here. The rate would be better through transferwise, I think, but there is a limit to how much you can transfer per day (don't remember how much) and per month ($6,000).