Advice on opening a cocktail bar


Jan 20, 2009
Hallo everybody,
can anybody give me some advice on what opening a bar in bsas entails, permits,paperwork,difficulties etc...
Has anyone done it??
All advice and comments will be very appreciated
I have absolutely no idea sorry.....but if you go to a bar called SUGAR - Costa Rica and Armenia I'm sure they can help you. It's a bar set up by some expats a year or 2 ago. So, I'm sure they can tell you all the details.
To paraphrase a Nike slogan and possibly say what Nike regrets not having had said to Tiger:

Just don't do it!
If you do decide to take on such a project, make SURE you have a team of advisors who won't lead you to financial ruin. Make sure you also have LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of $$$ in the bank.
I wouldnt recommend it..... just my 2 cents....
First thing argentine people dont drink that much they like to go out be seen dance hangout with friends.... they buy one water coffee beer or coke and sit there for 2 hours and just talk and enjoy time together.... Most americans drink one after another isnt odd for us to drink 6 or 7 or 10 beers... most people dont do that here.. you dont see many argentine groups knocking back rounds of shots.....also you find rents to be a real screw job..15,000 pesos or more a month.. that is alot of drinks... I wont even tell you about the red tape.. the crazy taxes..... the labor laws...the weird capacity concerns.. etc etc...... I looked into it myself... i think it is better to sit on the other side of the bar ... sit relax and people watch!!!
My advice... don't do it.

Too much government red tape and corruption.

Yeah, all of those hundreds of thousands of stores in the country are of stupid people that want to loss their money... ;-)
Hi Beba,
I am currently in the process of opening a small restaurant in Mercedes, BA province. We are currently remodeling the building. Thus far the process has been reasonably ok albeit slow!!!!! My expectations for sales are not very high and I am encouraged. I do understand things are much different in the city. If you want to talk more send me an email ([email protected]). Good luck. Tim V
marksoc said:
Yeah, all of those hundreds of thousands of stores in the country are of stupid people that want to loss their money... ;-)

Am I the only one who's noticed more small businesses go out of business in the last two weeks?

On my daily walk to the gym on Arenales, I have counted at-least a dozen places that closed up shop. Clothing stores, hair salons and cafes.

I think lots of people have lost money but I wouldn't call them stupid. Those are your words not mine :)