Advice on VPNs?


My Norton antivirus has been bombarding me recently with their new add-on service, Norton VPN. It looks like they have servers in about 30 countries, none of which are in Argentina (closest would be Brazil). Other VPNs, Nord for example, host in many more countries, including Argentina.

What I can’t decide is whether having a VPN is worth the moderate expense and potential speed reduction, particularly when I do not conduct laptop business of any kind in airports, coffee shops and the like.

I would be interested to know if any on this board use a VPN and why and which. Is it something you would, as the saying goes, “recommend to friends and family”? Equally welcome: Knowledgeable opinions on the subject of VPNs in general or VPN access in Argentina in particular.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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The question is what precisely do you need a VPN for. Netflix? SNL? To access sites you can’t in Argentina? Some other reason?
Me, I have a couple of sites that get blocked here, and none of them use lots of data (no video or anything like that). I use TunnelBear, it has 500MB free then fairly cheap pricing ($10/month or $60 per year). Works here great but I hear it doesn’t work with Netflix.
NordVPN I have also heard good things about.


I was in China in early August, and there they block Google, Gmail, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I used Express VPN to get around the restriction and it worked enough but not good. That is, the best time of the day to have it work for more than five minutes was like at 2 am (I did wake up just for that). Without it, I would have been unable to read my emails, and the news sites I prefer. In that sense, the VPN was invaluable. However, getting connected was difficult, and if you did, it would crash quickly. I thought that by using the vpn i would have on demand access to the sites I wanted; the reality was totally different. Access was difficult, and unreliable, but the few times per day I was able to access it, it was invaluable.


AirVPN are the best 'all round' in my opinion, Nord has a good reputation too.

Do some research on google and you can find a vpn that suits your specific use case, that would be my advice.

Good Luck!

PS: VPN's which come bundled with other products (such as norton) are usually not as good, and more expensive, than a reputable stand alone vpn's.