Aerolineas Argentinas and Flight to NZ


Mar 12, 2009
I am trying to book a ticket to NZ and found one that was significantly cheaper and more direct than the others on Aerolineas Argentinas, but I have some skepticism about flying with Aerolineas. 1. Does anyone have experience flying with them internationally? 2. Do they cancel flights often? 3. I looked on line to research if they are a partner with American and didn't see them listed, but I know they once were, are they still? Any info. you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers to your questions:

Aerolineas has no alliances with other airlines, to my knowledge. Certainly not with American.

I've been stranded once myself by an Aeolineas strike - no notification, no alternatives, they don't answer the phone, and the sole person at the airport knew nothing and wasn't willing to do anything. I ended up booking a 1-way return on another airline, and then spent 2 days trying to get Aerolineas to refund the unused ticket, worth a fraction of what I payed the other airline to get home. They eventually completed the paperword, but it took 2 months and endless calls to get the refund applied to my credit card.

I've also dealt a number of times with friends whose flights were either canceled or rescheduled multiple times. Now I avoid Aerolineas whenever possible.

A couple stories -

  • Some visiting yanquis planned to fly down to Bariloche for their last 2 days here, but their flight was canceled and they were rescheduled for a later flight, which was overbooked. After two days of this, they returned to the US, having wasted their last 2 days here taxiing back and forth to the aeroparque. And their hotel in Bariloche charged them because they could never cancel the reservation, since Aerolineas always promised the next flight.

  • An Argentine friend was taking her ailing, 85-year-old father to Miami for a wedding and ending up caring for him in Ezeiza when the flight was rescheduled from 3 PM to 6 PM to 10 PM to 4 AM! Aerolineas offered the old guy no food or drink, no lounge access, nothing. Then their return flight was delayed, a few hours at a time, until it left 36 hours later than scheduled!
That said, if your travel plans are flexible and it isn't really problematic for you to spend an extra day or 2 trying to get to NZ and back, maybe the fare difference warrants the risk. Supposedly over half of their international flights depart and arrive on time!
I have used then 4 times to fly from NZ to AR return. The only reason i used them is because I usually have to book 2 months in advance for Lan or Qantas, where with Areolineas i can get on a flight with-in a week or two.
One flight i had, was delayed for 30 hours, and my current return which was booked for the 2nd Nov, has since been changed to 5th and now 27th, without asking me, my travel agent in NZ just emailed me and told me my bookings have been changed and she didnt know why..
Also the planes are old, with no in-seat video, and usually they have just one or 2 movies for the whole flight, which get repeated. The service is bad too, and its as if the staff think its your pleasure to be flying with them.
For the extra NZ$200 and if you dont need to go straight away go with Lan (via saniago - but flight seems to be as quick) or Qantas (via sydney - add 3 hours).
I've had similar experiences. They changed my ticket to fly here twice. After the second time, I had it. I got a refund and booked a flight with LAN. I would not recommend them at all...
Aerolineas changed my flights a couple of days before I was due to fly. I've heard that they just accept bookings and see which days sell more. Then they cancel the ones that aren't going to make money. The excuse is something to do with schedule rearrangement, or air traffic issues, blah blah,
Cost me on the transfer flight. Thanks Aerolineas.
It wouldn't be too bad with some management/organisation. Their prices seem cheaper than other airlines.
I found the staff quite pleasant.
I flew with Aerolineas to Bogota 3 weeks ago, I made a mistake because I swore the last time on a flight to Madrid I would never use them again. first the flight was delayed 4 hours, then we went to Mendoza for fuel, then Lima, so much for the direct flight. A lot of people where on the flight from NZ and they all missed their connections in Bogota as we finally arrived in the middle of the night. BUT the worst bit was they had one toilet for 250 people, they never cleaned it and as the night went on the smell was so bad people who had them where putting masks on. Finally when we arrived I asked the Captain to follow me down the plane and told him that as he was the one in charge of the plane and the crew, it was discussing, he just grunted. On the return flight we where only 2.5 hours delayed as we only had to stop in Lima for fuel this time. I will NEVER NEVER fly with them again even if they give me a free ticket. They must be the worst airline in the world.......................... Lan is great, I use them a lot, not matter what extra you need to pay, pay it or don't go.
PS I don't do forums, I just picked this up on my Google updates and joined just to tell what your in for if you fly Aerolineas. For sure you will have the above, delays, old planes and crew that look down their nose at you.
Never ever ever fly with them! I have used them three times and every single time the flights were either canceled or delayed significantly. NEVER AGAIN!
Believe it or not, Aerolíneas Argentinas was once an excellent airline. I remember a flight from New York to Buenos Aires, not twenty years ago, as one of the best I've ever taken on any airline, including Lufthansa, LAN, and the old PanAm and TWA.