AFIP...additional VAT tax to Airbnb & digital services

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8 March 2018
Hit to Airbnb in the country: users will pay 28% of Profits

As of March 1st, increase to 28%......The VAT will reach services (whether streaming, content or advertising, among others) offered by digital companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Tinder, Google, Facebook, Homeaway and Airbnb, to name only the best known.

....Anyway, in the case of Airbnb this additional 21% will not be paid by the owners. It will be the tenants who contract the services through the platform, who will be charged the fee.
The same people who will complain will go on forever about supporting mass migration here. If only all this mass migration meant more tax dollars and better services - seems things are still going backwards - what a surprise !
I think the go around on this is if you use a U.S. card to pay for the service, and, or register for the site using your U.S. based information. Since you mention Netflix in particular, while I started my account here, I have my U.S. data and credit card number, and I am paying but U$D6 and change per month presently.
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March 15, 2018
The draft of the decree to regulate VAT for digital services expressly states that the VAT tax is payable by the final consumer, either by direct form or by bank or credit card. This rule greatly limits the responsibility of these intermediaries, by delegating to AFIP the obligation to create "lists" of providers. Banks and cards will only have to be paid when the digital service is provided by a company from the lists. Otherwise there will be a procedure for the consumer to pay VAT on his own.