AFIP "under investigation" letter


Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and not sure how to go about asking the question I want to ask - and have arrived here, at the introductions section.

I'm a UK national who's lived in BA for about 13 years, having held a DNI for the last 10 of those more or less. Last week I received a letter from AFIP telling me I'm under 'investigation' - linked, it would seem, to the fact that some years ago I invested some money in a trading platform in the UK, whose name appears to have been shared with AFIP under a new international data sharing deal designed to clamp down on laundering. Call me naive or ignorant or both, but I just didn't know possessing a DNI made me liable to pay tax on assets held outside the country and that were never in it in the first place, i.e. never generated in Argentina or wired over to the UK. Has anyone had, or know someone who has had, a similar experience? Or know an accountant with experience of advising expats on tax issues and ideally something similar to this? It's not my intention to break tax law, but certainly to explain that I'm no launderer and also, I confess, to explora any opportunities going to not have pay backdated tax on wealth with no origins in Argentina. Really grateful if anyone could help!


Did you declare you are an argentine resident on the brokerage site? Not sure how they would know to share data with Argentina assuming you created it with your UK passport and you declared yourself resident in the UK.


...putting paid to the arguments of those who confidently argued on other threads that AFIP had no interest in expats.


That kind of information between non Mercosur countries is usually provided upon request. Did you buy property here or moved a significant amount of money? What that the letter say specifically, does it make a reference to your UK assets? What is your taxpayer status here, do you work, retired, income tax, etc ? Do you bring money into the country regularly or send out? What you should not do is ignore the letter. Sorry about the questions, they might be personal, but it is too little information to understand what is going on. Get yourself a good accountant to get proper advice on how to respond, etc.


Seems very very fake/ troll.

Unless, you bought some property or car in Arg, or imported some money in Arg or transferred big amount of money from abroad to abroad using a Arg Id - its highly unlikely ( 99.9%) .