airfares--potentially helpful for anyone coming back from the states


Mar 29, 2006
I figured I'd give out the word that an airfare price war appears to have begun yesterday for flights from NYC to EZE in case anyone is traveling north during the various December holiday seasons. While, in my searching during previous weeks, most fares for early 2009 were over $1300, save the occasional TACA flight leaving at 4ish AM with two connections or Air Canada flights going north before south, Delta, United, and LAN (with long stopovers or hour tours of each of Lima and Santiago) now have sub $900 fares at times. The pricing is on par with what we saw in previous years but a grand departure from the past months, when early 2009 fares on those three carriers were more in the $1500-2000 range. That said, for American citizens, when you get back after the new year, you'll likely arrive to Christina's populist gouge of $130 that will help dampen the tourism industry. I don't know if the fare news helps anyone but figured I'd throw it out.
Thanks for the heads up Brendan. I always thought a flight from the US to Argentina doesn't warrant being twice the price to Europe.
This might have something to do with AA offering a ton of new flights NYC-BsAs very soon. I saw the billboard, and it surprised me that they were increasing capacity on that route. But great - it's good news, thanks.
soulskier said:
Thanks for the heads up Brendan. I always thought a flight from the US to Argentina doesn't warrant being twice the price to Europe.

I don't know where you are looking for prices, but last Christmas the cheapest way for me to travel was via the US.
We flew Manchester to Chicargo then BsAs, and back via New york.
That was AA, I guess it must be something to do with which airport you fly from.
On this $130 gouge, as was said above....if you have dual citizenship how does it work...U.S. & Argentine. Also, if you are a permanent resident of Argentina, does that make a difference?
Thanks for any help!
Pending Argentinian government approval, Delta starts a direct JFK to EZE route on Dec 18th, which is why I think fares for multiple carriers came down so much in the past few days. I booked United just in case the government decides to mess this up somehow. Also, Delta tends to strand me and treat me like dirt.
Anytime new routes are introduced they tend to have a seat sale, so it's always a good idea to check out what's going on. When Mexicana introduced their BA-DF run (and then on to LA / SF / YVR etc) their flights were less than half the price of AA even though they are partners and codeshare a bunch of their routes.

LAN is going to be partnering with AC on a run to Toronto and Montreal so that one should be coming down in price soon.

The other way I've occasionally had luck finding cheap flights is via Sao Paolo -- especially if you're headed to the west coast of the States -- a lot of time the Asian airlines that do SP - Tokyo etc will offer good prices on the SP-LAX leg of the trip.

The way flight prices are going up, you have to get more and more inventive every time!
funny, just today I was looking into my return trip to BA next summer -after my 3 months in the UK are up - by cargo ship, then found out it would be 28 days, with not that many creature comforts. talk about cabin fever!

on the plus side i would come out of it 1) very well read 2) a nice golden colour from lounging about on deck.

all for 1350 euros full board (only one way though......)

could be good just for the experience, and i tick boxes on the carbon footprint front.
On the San Paolo note, TAM has announced dierect flights between Brazil and Bariloche. Those considering coming to Patagonia might find that more affordable.
all for 1350 euros full board (only one way though......)

I think you will find Air France a trifle cheaper. I paid just over £900 each return at the end of August, that is about 1150 euros. Not quite the dearest time, but not the cheapest by a long way. Fair enough you don't get the boat trip, but then no sea sickness either, and all over in 17 hours.