Airlines from Europe


Jun 6, 2006
I need to get a flight from the UK to Baires within the next couple of weeks and was wondering what everyone's experiences have been airline-wise.
I normally fly BA but I missed their sale and prices are about 1/4 more expensive than everyone else.
Has anyone gone Air France to BA...was it any good?
I'm not a great flyer so I'm looking for someone comfortable, friendly and stress-free!
So don't go for Iberia then, but there flexibility to change tickets is pretty good
I have tried most and in the end I chose Air France. They seem to offer the best service and value for money. You will want a few euros though to buy a drink at Charles de Gaul.
Air France is good but mostly more expensive. For cheaper flights you should check Alitalia or Iberia. I have never flown Iberia but Alitalia is horrible. I prefer to pay more for an Air France flight.

Here are a website to look for flights :
Air France is good.
Forget Iberia and forget Alitalia.
I also like TAM, they have very new planes (good on board entertainment system) and are usually cheap. Coming from London you'll have to change planes at Guarulhos GRU (Sao Paulo).
Air France is okay. We had a bad experience with misinformation and our complaints on board about our TV’s not working were completely ignored.
If you fly out a night though you get a beautiful view of Paris!
or even Lufthanza...although they do tend to lose your luggage!!!for me though British Airways is the best
Supporting the idea that Iberia are very poor, I have used them twice, thinking the second trip couldn't be as bad - It wasn't - It was worse!

I used Continental last trip, via Newark and Houston, it's a long way around, but the fare was good, and the aircraft and service excellent.

Heard from friends that Air France are good, and recently was told that TAM were excellent, as mentioned above.
I did alitalia twice. really wasn't that bad. the food was decent and the entertainment systems are good enough. Only complaint was that it was packed full each time as there were a lot of Argentines taking their summer holidays in Italy and vice versa. So zero chance of an empty seat.
Iberia is the worst, but I think it's the cheapest. I usually fly Luthansa. My husband recently few Air France and said it was quite good too. But of course it depends on where you are going to/from. To/From the UK, i'd take BA unless the price is really over the top more expensive than the others.