Almost free airline travel between BsAs (EZE) and Mexico City (MEX) or Los Angeles (LAX)


Feb 7, 2023
Alaska Airlines is offering 70,000 frequent flyer miles for signing up for their Bank of America credit card:

This offer is available to citizens or permanent residents of the USA, so anyone who still
maintains an "official" address with friends or family should qualify.

When you receive the card at your USA address you will need someone to open the envelope
and get the card's number on the front and security code on the back and email them to you.
Preferably, they should take photos of the front/back of the card and email them to you.

You need to charge USD $3000 in 90 days and pay the $95 annual fee to get the 70,000 mile bonus.

The card includes a $100 statement credit, so that refunds your first year $95 fee and you can cancel your
card by the 11th month to eliminate future annual fees,

You can also re-apply for this card 24 months after your last application. This also applies to signup
bonuses from United (Chase card) and American (Citi card).

OK, here's the good part, you can fly from BsAs (EZE) to Mexico City (MEX) or Los Angeles (LAX)
1 way for as low as 25,000. So you can get a roundtrip that might cost $1500 USD for $200.

You may have to book 2 months or so in advance to get the low 25k mile rate (see .jpg attached)

In the last 15 years I've accumulated a million miles, mainly from credit card signup bonus, and I've enjoyed
a lot of nearly free travel in the USA and to Europe, Canada, Mexico, and of course, BsAs!

PS: The links above are direct links and I am not receiving any referral bonus, altho I wish I were.
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similar or even better deals exist with AA (citi or bracalys) and Delta (amex).
similar or even better deals exist with AA (citi or bracalys) and Delta (amex).
Similar but definitely not better!

I have miles with AA, Delta, United, and Alaska. Alaska usually isn't very good for international flights, but their EZE to MEX and LAX flights are via their new partner, LatAm.

I've never had any luck getting a good fare priced in miles from Delta from USA to Europe. Unless you book a few months in advance, from May-Oct. Delta might charge 100,000 to 150,000 for an economy ticket EACH WAY. I've always been able to get tickets from USA to Europe 1-2 weeks in advance for 30,000 to 45,000 via AA or United.

I like the Chase Sapphire card because they give you double miles for travel purchases (incl. hotels and Airbnb) and they will let you transfer your miles to most airline frequent flyer accounts