Also am new to the forum


Hey everyone, I am also new to the forum and group here. I did post something about a week ago and forgot to introduce myself, which I apologize for. For Starters, my name is John-Ryan, And, as i said in the post, I am in the service back in the states, well, Now I'm stationed on an island in The indian ocean. I get out in about 6 months and have been contemplating a move abroad for about 3 months or so as i wait to start school. buenos aires was the winner. and any helpful info on it would be awsome. like i said, i dont plan on doing much more then working on my Writing, music and Photography. no plans on any kind of real job, maybe bartending a night or two a week, if they even hire the gringos, not sure. so, i guess thats it. thanks again in advance for any help. Austa!