Alternatives to Teaching English


Jun 6, 2005
Hi All! I am looking for a job in Buenos Aires and don't want to teach English anymore. I have been doing it for over two years now and would like something new- marketing, pr, finance, I don't care. Any suggestions? Any helpful job websites? Craig's List has been less than helpful. Thanks.
Can you speak Spanish? Are you legal? If you have a DNI, you might consider a call center.
Thanks for responding to my post! I am fluent in Spanish and married to an Argentine. However, I am still on a tourist visa, but do have facturas if needed. I actually worked at a call center before as an accent trainer and the company stopped paying their workers and I am currently in a legal battle with them trying to reclaim money they have stolen from basically, call centers are out. Do you have any other suggestions?
What´s your former working experience?
If you have some money to invest you could try to start your own language school. To bad you need to pay a big coima after the first or second year
Take a personal loan(or second mortage on your home in your home country) and buy a taxi. Easily you could get 2500 peso a month with a 50 to 60k investment in pesos.
By a home at a remate, remodel it and rent it out
Buy yourself into a bar/restaurant and work there
Open your own language school
Try to start tourism trips for foreigners. Flyer at Ezeize during international flights with your proposal. I have entered atleast 15 times Ezeiza and never saw someone flyer for services for foreign tourist, while all enter through Ezeiza
you are married to an Argentine and have facturas you must have a cuit
number, so you can work. I agree with Granada that starting a business
is the best way to go. It's hard for Argentines to get jobs. As in
the whole world, jobs are not very stable anymore. Salaries are very
low in Argentina and most jobs are very stressful. Try to start some
business. I don't know about language schools. There are already lots
of them and you need contacts with companies to be successful. I
don't exactly understand Granada's flyer idea. I'd also like to know
more about how you can buy a property at remate. Are they sold cheap
and how do you go about doing it?
Generally they are not sold cheap, but a little cheaper probally still. You need to figure out a lot like expenses who are still unpaid and if it´s still ocupied.

If you are serious about buying you should probally be able to sustain some pressure and intimidation because it´s a small group that run things there.

Best would be to go to Peron 1200 or something and see how things are run there and talk to many people

The flyer thing is just about handing out flyers with your ideas or what you can do for the foreign tourist. You should be able to get some clients that way.
Thanks for the tips, guys. My former working experience is teaching English, accent training, retail management and interior design. Somehow it all makes sense on a resume. If anyone hears some interesting job announcements, please post them. Gracias.
If you do not mind doing sales or marketing, I do not believe it should be very difficult to find a job here. You can expect to earn between 1200-2000 per month. Although the job market here is tough - being a native english speaker is a skill that locals do not have as many companies here want to connect with the US market to export their services and take advantage of the economies of scale. Although many companies require a DNI, not all do and the best thing is to be proactive.Try to post your resume on,, and post on this site, craigslist and or find local companies and offer your services as a native english speak that can help them expand to the US market.
We are looking for a young patient and kind woman english or american who could help us with our son of 1 year and half old.
Few hours a day, to take him from garden at 14:00 and play with him, have a lunch,
play and walk when the weather allow.
We live in Buenos Aires, Barrio Flores,
[email protected]