Am I just unlucky?


I've been here for 8 months now, and have just witnessed my 6th robbery (4 were motochorros). Que lunes. Has it always been this bad? I have never experienced crime like this. I know BA is a far cry from London, but come on! This is what I would expect from Caracas (no offence to any Venezuelan's). I leave soon and the situation is putting me off from coming back. P.S all of the robberies have been in supposedly "tourist friendly" zones :/


what neighborhoods are you seeing them in?

me personally, i have been here 2 years and haven't witnessed any crime.


In ten years here in Almagro, I have only seen one crime. It is all about being with and like the locals. That said, in the so called safe areas, Palermo, Recoletta and Micro centro, I have been manhandled and had many attempts to rob me. The thing is; the ladrones know where the touristas hang out and where to get rich pickings.
People tell me to stay away from Abasto "It is dangerous". The only place where we have actually had anything stolen was Florida.

So My advice "Stay away from safe areas" that is where the real criminals hang out.


I have been here almost a month and the first week here I witnessed a "motochorro" mugging. I was walking down Callao, just passed Las Heras and a guy passed me by and mugged a lady walking 3 meters ahead of me. It was scarry and happened in seconds. I dress down (always). In my purse I only carry about $50 to $100 dollars in pesos a copy of my DNI and a copy of my passport (now wonder my purse is so light). I keep my phone in my front pocket of my jeans. I have lived here on and off my entire life - I have never felt scared, this time I am scared.

Rich One

The Motochorros know where the tourists muggins in Constitucion ?Sure there are but has no journalistic impact."A lady was robbed of her Sube Card and $100 pesos". :rolleyes:


Yeah, considering what's been happening in London over the last 18 months, it's probably a bad example as a comparison. Still, I never feel unsafe walking the streets of London and have many times in Buenos Aires (ignoring the obvious that all cities have very bad places where you shouldn't go). It would be interesting to see how crime rates in these two cities compare over recent years. I am as guilty of this as anyone, but I believe it is largely unfair to compare Buenos Aires to a city like London or indeed Argentina to the UK/Europe (although I think economy is fair game).

That said, in London, I would class myself as unlucky if I was a victim of crime. Here I think I am lucky that I have not been one. That's the difference for me. I live in Versalles, which is hardly crime central, but still hear of 5-10 incidents in this neighbourhood every week. Just cause they are not on the news does not mean they don't happen. It's the same in Devoto, Villa Real, Villa Crespo, Palermo, and Flores where I have friends who report a similar number of incidents.