Amazing home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, CHEAP


Aug 6, 2009
I've been living in Buenos Aires for 5 months, and as most of you know the food can be, at times, very frustrating.

Cooking for one can get old and tiresome, and even cooking for two can get tiresome.

This is the first time I have recommended anything, but I enjoyed the meals so much, and they are such a good price, the lady is so nice, I had to post something.

A portena friend of mine recommended a lady that cooks out of her home with her daughter, and the food they prepare, to say the least, is delicious.

She has many different options. Diet, small portions, big portions, low salt, low calorie, spicy, not spicy, and anything else you think you could request.

I went for the medium portions, and most of the time they are enough to last 2 meals, and they are so delicious, and get this, they actually have flavor!!!! And they are only 20 Pesos each!!!!!

The meals arrive on Wednesday, I keep three in the fridge, and put the other 4 in the freezer, they stay really fresh for about three days, then just take out one from the freezer the night before. Im not a big fan of the microwave, but just puncture a few wholes in the plastic wrap and the steam makes it like it just came out of the oven.

The lady speaks spanish, and her daughter speaks english. So if you're shaky on spanish just ask to speak with her daughter.

The ladies name is Jorgelina and her daughter's name is Maggie. They are extremely nice!

Their phone number is 4780-0632, or 1559365060.

Here is the menu i received: (i will comment on the ones ive tried, although, judging by the ones i've had, i would guess that they are all good.)

Chicken Jorgelina
Chicken Teriyaki (delicious, comes with rice.)
Chicken Parm
Milanesa (best milanesa I've had, came with veggies, and some kind yummy sauce with a bit of a sweet orange hint.)
Milanesa Napolitano with tomato sauce and cheese.
Eggplant Chinese
Meatballs, Fish Balls, Chicken Balls
Meatballs with curry sauce and chickpeas (delicious.)
Argentinian Potato pie
Peceto -tender meat with orange, carrots, and mushrooms.
Hamburger Homemade- comes with 3, no buns
Hamburger napolitano: tomato and cheese (3), (had this one, very good, no buns.)
Vegan Hamburger 3
Chicken with beer sauce.
Pork Ribs teriyaki (just ate this for lunch, amazing, pork chops and cus cus. soooo good.)
Pork with sweet onions.
Too many Pies to list.
Soft Chicken burritos, soft chicken tacos.
Risotto al fungi
Grilled veggies
chop suey (in my freezer, but looks amazing)
Chow Fan ( in my freezer, but looks amazing)
Chow Mien ( better than any chinese food i've had here)
Spring Rolls - ham and cheese, meat, or veggies.
Lasagna- meat, chicken, or veggies
Omelets- greek or swiss
Yeah let the food cool off, so you can refrigerate it, and because you get a weeks worth of food at once. I live in Bario Norte, So I assume they deliver to the surrounding neighborhoods, but they could deliver all over the city, just call and ask.
calling tomorrow - I hate to cook and I hate to shop. So if I'm reading correctly - a week worth of dinner for 140 pesos?? Done and done. Thank you!