American English teacher or nanny availble


I am a teacher from the US with experience teaching all ages. I have been a private tutor for ten years and taught middle school math in a public school. Of course, I would happy to work with adults as well.

I also have a lot of experience nannying and caregiving for infants and toddlers. I love kids!

I am looking for immediate work, full or part-time and am readily available.

Please contact me if you know of anything I can do to help someone out.



I am searching a native speaker for some support lessons to my current students. The fact is that the job is close to the airport. I need around 8 hours for a one on one course and two workshops(group 5-6 participants) twice a month (2 hours each). This will be 12 hours monthly. If you are interested, please contact me.
Mariel Abbattista
Public Translator