American Express and USD Travel cheqies


Does anyone know if you can buy USD travellers cheques from American Express in Argentina if you already have USD cash? I imagine the answer is NO. Anyone know for sure?


I would say the answer is yes.. You are just doing a straight swap.. and you shouldnt have to pay much commission...

The only restriction i know of is if you have travelers cheques, and cash here, they wont let you take US$ in cash now.. only pesos...


Don't forget that travelers checks are "cash equivalents" that count to the $US10,000 limit when crossing a border.


genialf said:
^ it's not a limit. You can take more, you just have to declare it.
Sorry, this has been done to death in the other thread so I didn't spell it out. Yes, the limit before you have to declare it.


vanessa said:
I actually phoned today, and the girl says I can after making some inquiries. So I am just back from the Amex office on Arenales 707. I waited 40 mins for my turn(yes, there is a man spending 25 mins cashing his cheques telling jokes and the clerk put some one before me saying she was in line first but she left in the middle.)
The answer I got in the end is 'No, you can't buy traveller's cheques, only can cash in pesos'.

Awesome country!


puvenlee - I was about to go to the Amex for a similar question. To clarify, you wanted to buy TC in USD and they said that wasn't possible. Ever so slight technicality but do you know if it's possible to buy them in pesos, and cash them out in USD in the US/overseas? I saw Arg HSBC is advertising that on their website. Do you know what their commission is?

Thanks in advance!