American Food



Does anyone know of anywhere in Capital where you can pick up US junk food...specifically Mountain Dew soda?
I don't expect to have much luck but I'd really like to suprise my partner with some longed-for MD on his bday in a couple of weeks.
Has anyone come across a US specialist food store, perhaps in zona norte or anywhere?
Ashley xx


We don't have mountain dew, however for US expats wishing for a bit of back home nostalgia, in my shop I now have the following items:

Snickers, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, 100 Grand
Hershey's Kisses (small and the large single size)
Hershey chocolate bars
Ferrero Rocher
PEZ dispensers (25 varieties)
Brooklyn Cookies
Av. Triunvirato 3883, Villa Urquiza, Capital Federal


The have some soft baked chocolate cookies at Disco, also cheese snacks and pretzels. They also have marshmallow and maple syrup. You might be able to get Skippy peanut butter at some Jumbo or at the Chinese in Belgrano. A1 sauce at some Carrefour stores. Some Burger King chips at Disco too. You should get Twix and Snickers at some of the Kioskos. They used to sell Mountain Dew many years ago in the city, not anymore tough.


We also have Marshmallows (3 different kinds), tons of gummy snacks - gummy worms, berries, gummy teeth, rings, fruit slices, gummy bones, gummy bananas, gummy hamburgers, gummy sharks, liquor filled chocolates, etc. We also just got a shipment of Nerds, and gold foil wrapped chocolate coins like the jewish kids used to get in New York on Chanukah.