American hair dresser from San Francisco

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Hi Richard,

Checked out your site. Your prices seem resonable and u have alot of gud customer feedback. Ive had a couple of disaters with HD's in salons here. I will definitely book an appointment with you soon :) Im based in Belgrano.

Thanks Jess
Men haircut out of the expats areas: 25-35 ARS

Haircuts in English are special somewhat?
marksoc said:
Men haircut out of the expats areas: 25-35 ARS

Haircuts in English are special somewhat?

I think if you get a bad haircut it is because you have not told the stylist exactly what you want. It is difficult for some non native speakers to articulate exactly what they want, and unfortunately stylists cannot read minds. By removing that language barrier you lessen the margin of error. I prefer getting a haircut in English because it is less stress for me.
Well, I can't even tell you how to cut my hair in English. So, that provides no added benefit for me.

I now have five 4x6s that show every angle of my head, and precisely how I want my hair cut.

I've had my hair chopped off three times in Buenos Aires, and I have always been happy with the results. There's no way in hell I'd pay more than 38 pesos for a haircut.
Wow! Thanks for all the replies. I can see there are many opinions about my prices. All I can say is if my prices are to high then I am not the hair dresser for you. I am confident in my work and charge what I am worth. I am sure there are other wonderful English speaking hairdressers here in Buenos Aires! Good luck!
Some women's haircut prices:

In San Isidro: 60 pesos
In Recoleta (very posh salon): 80 pesos

In my experience, it pays to invest in the best possible haircut, as it will look good for six to eight weeks.

Dear Richard, Thank you so much for my incredible cut. I will be traveling next week to see old friends and needed a new due to knock their socks off! All of my friends and even the waiters at my neighborhood parrilla have commented on my "glam" new cut. I am so grateful not only for my new look but also for the experience. You are truly an artist and I look forward to working with you again in the near future. All the very best!
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