American kids in BA


We are a family of 8..yes 8!and we are considering moving to BA..well San Rafael really but maybe BA.I want to know anything anyone can tell me from a kids point of view what it's like to live there,my kids range from 3 to 12.Emil me direct @ or respond to this post.
Thank You


Do you mean San Rafeal in Mendoza? IF so thats a nice place. Now, you have 8 kids???!!! cant believe it...I have 3 girls and its a handful. I've been here 12 years and its a pretty good place for kids...except for the problems of security....kidnappings, etc....but, if you are going to the interior of the country, your safe.
Let me know if its Mendoza or BA you are going to and I'll tell you a little more of my opinions.

Good luck