American Tourist Stabbed In La Boca.

This happened today just a few hours ago. An American tourist ID as Frank Wallach was stabbed in la Boca while he was taking pictures. Apparently they were trying to steal his camera & cell phone. One of the thieves was shot by an off duty cop who was on the scene. Both were taken to the local Argerich hospital. The other thief escaped.


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Once you get a block or two from Caminito, you in no man's land. One might be tempted to walk around and snap photos but it's never a good idea to let your guard down like that. Poor guy, I hope he recovers but I read in La Nation that he is "grave."
South America is v unsafe. 1 month ago, i was attacked by 3 men in Curitiba, Brasil at 3 pm in the afternoon - for my wallet - in the city centre. It was a ugly fight. I had 2 wounds on my skull from the knuckle tool, but I broke the leg of one of them. years of training paid its dividends.

When I went to police station to report with blood on my skull on both sides, the Brasilian policemen were laughing.

But i still love Curitiba. Its a beautiful city. My wounds are healed. But you always wonder who will attack you/when? and if one can ever rely on police.

Same way for BA. Its a great city. But watch yr back! Things can get ugly any moment.
2 Canadians made the same mistake Boca some years almost beat to death with those big beer bottles. But the same stuff can happen in any city really a stroll in east LA you might just end up dead too.
I hate La Boca. I find nothing charming about it except for one restsurant that I haven't gone to in years. I wish they didn't promote La Boca for tourists. Obviously holding a camera is going to attract attention especially if you're speaking English and dressed like a tourist. Amazing how many tourists go around in their baseball caps with expensive cameras around their necks. They just seem oblivious to potential danger.
Where is SAFE in BA??? Other than la Boca?

After the news about the American Stabbed at La Boca today La Nacion mentions the case of the Canadian robbed by a motochorro 2 years ago. The motochorro became a TV star he was in every news program.

After that the very same article in La Nacion newspaper lists MORE cases of insecurity happened today....
  • Teenager that went to get ice cream was shot on the head for the Cellular
  • 14 women were also assaulted
  • A woman owner of a minimarket was bound and beaten to death
  • Brazilians accused of 45 thefts were captured
  • A butcher was killed perhaps a mafia crime
  • A policeman was killed when trying to defend himself from robbers
Ceviche - which type of fight training did you learn?
Mostly Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, some boxing and some Krav Magá

what really helped me in regular exposure to violence & pain with my trainers. So when I got hit/punched and felt pain - I did not get scared. That was really all to it. And when I roared like a Lion, they actually got scared, that I am ready to fight back. So being fearless, having courage helped.


One thing I forgot to add to my previous post.. I saw several policemen on the street as I walked with blood oozing out of both sides of my skull but none of the policemen agreed to help me. They said..sorry - we cant help. ( in Portuguese) and said..go to the central Police stn. In central police stn, I had to wait in a long queue for my turn to complete the denuncia.

In South America, you are pretty much on yr own!