An article in AJC


Jun 6, 2005
Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article about Buenos Aires recently in their Travel section.
Yesterday I awoke to discover
I had no water in the apartment. I called my landlord and learned it
was a building-wide problem, provoked by a broken pipe under the
street. I headed for class without a shower, fought my way onto a
crowded subway train, then waited in two long lines at two different
ATMs without getting the cash I needed.
Yeah I read the article -- it's hard not to respond to it with a bit of hostility! I mean, come on, the woman claims that the bus system is too complicated to figure out and that the Guia T is ridiculously complex and you can't figure out where the bus goes. She obviously doesn't have the brains to figure out that if the Guia T says the 128 goes Salguero - Corrientes - Bulnes or whatever it is that all you have to do is walk to one of those streets and you'll find a stop for the 128...
Anyway, I suppose I should keep in mind that this is someone who is newly arrived, probably doesn't have a total grip on the language, and therefore is a bit thrown by the prospect of asking for directions etc. The thing is, if this woman can't negotiate her way through the bus system here, she'd be completely thrown by the one in Vancouver -- all the busses say there is the general street that they follow, except that half the time they dont -- the Alma bus is only on Alma for maybe 20% of it's journey etc. And the only map is online.
In Capetown you can take microbusses around the city but you need to know the appropriate hand signals to give. If you want to go to a certain place, use one hand gesture, to another use another hand gesture.
I think this woman would be using a hand gesture that we all know if she had to signal the busses here in this fashion!