An Introduction


Apr 17, 2010
Buenos Noches,

My wife Carly and I (Dwight) have been in Buenos Aires (San Telmo) a whole week now. Our plan is to find a 6 - 9 month rental and take language lessons. What we are really looking to accomplish is dropping out of the US for a while and having an adventure. We both traveled Europe and Asia before we were married and are looking for a shared experience. My background is 22 years in the high tech industry and my wife had her own Insurance business (which she just sold). Our only complication in all this is we are traveling with our dog Lola who is about 22 kilo's. You may have already seen a post we started on shipping her here. As we start settling in I hope to contribute to the board more then just asking questions.


San Telmo is a great neighborhood. Though I'm not there now, that's where I stay in BA.
I live a little further south, in Avellaneda, but regularly up in ST - Love the bars, and some of the restauramts in the barrio. Welcome here....
Hi Dwight, if you and your wife decide to take in Mendoza, pm me and we'll meet for a glass of the good red stuff. I am about your guys' vintage. Lola (gotta love you guys who travel with your dogs, that's devotion!) is welcome too.

By the way, "Lola" has the double mening of "titty" here, just in case any Argentinean laughs at the name! :)