Animal Opportunities?

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Jan 21, 2009
I will be visiting BA in about a month and am planning on staying for about three months. I am pre-vet and want to keep getting experience. I was wondering if anyone knows about any rescues, clinics, etc. where I could volunteer? I have 3 years of veterinarian experience and 6 months zoo experience. I am really looking for anything that I could help out with! Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks! :)
I know that there's a veterinary school here somewhere which may be able to help.
I was also looking at this site recently
which is a cat rescue centre...they were looking for volunteers.
Hope it helps.
Not far from the Congreso is a shelter, mostly for dogs and cats, which I'm certain would be delighted to have your help, "mcross". It's an old, private charity . . . regrettably, I've forgotten the name: "Protectores Sarmiento", or something similar.

I'll try to find out.