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Feb 25, 2008
Hi Everyone

Well, here I am reaching retirement lots of energy but limited on funds. I a single man that has done a considerable amount of exposure to several cultures have traveled considerable. However, I just retired with limited funds, but considering to check other alternatives in order to maximize my money.

I am in the early research phase about living at least partially in AR. Yes, I have been there about 5 years ago. I the opportunity to traveled as far north of Salta to south of Bariloche, oh another factor, I am 100% bilingual.

I don't have the funds to buy so that is no interest to me, nor I don't need to live among English speaking people (usually is more expensive). In a perfect world it would be nice, at least to find a small apt. or maybe to share with another person for at least 6 mos to do a test drive.

Or the other option is to get a small apt. I have read that in order to get a good deal I need to commit to one year contract. But what I'm interested to find out now at this point, is how much income do I need to have in order to be in a safe, well round area.

Not interested living in Palermo, but not interested to live in El Tigre either. I am open for suggestion


PS I am aware that the cost of living has escalated from what it was during my last visit.
You need to give us an idea of how much net monthly income you have. You are right that prices here have escalated in the past 5 years - dramatically. Some may disagree with me however I don't think this is a very inexpensive city to live in any longer. I am paying more for many supermarket items (basics, not imported items) than I would in the US - and quality is not as good. Cars, clothes, just about any manufactured item is a lot more. I suggest that you make another trip and see for yourself. You'll get a good idea in a couple of weeks.
I agree... 20% inflation makes it more expensive every day.... I think it all depends on your lifestyle..... Es cierto si rentas un depto por un ano seria mas economica, pero it depends on whether or not el depto esta amueblado... asi subiria el precio mas.... Pero, estoy de acuerdo con Sergio, ven primero por un mes, y give it una prueba.. no quieres commit, sin saber como es... es una cosa de visitar y otra de vivir... sino que, mi viejo acaba de mudarse a Florida y alli esta muy contento... Suerte!
Muchas gracias por sus respuestas se lo agredesco mucho.

Yes, I am aware that my own eyes are the best way to assess the situation. I have downsized big time here in the US since up here too things are very expensive I live in the NW area, unlike FL.

And I am sure if I was going to take the plunge, I would not be seeking for an Gringo or International area but rather blending with the culture and such, and consequently, I'd be reducing my expenses. I would be inclined to live in a 1 bdr apt. with the basic requirements, basic plumbing, safe area.

I don't think that I would be buying a car, since I am driving less, and less and makes my life simpler. The reason I posted my questions, was to get an idea from your perspective for a single person not living in a fancy way, but not in a poor tenemant. Rent, food, and transportation etc.

Espero que continuan enviarme mas ideas

I really think you have to come and see for yourself. If you are not going to buy you will have to rent somewhere. It will be quite hard for you as Argentines almost always require a guarantor who signs the lease and takes full responsibility if you do not pay. if you do not have very good friends here it will be hard to impossible to find such a guarantor. You can try to find an inexpensive apartment outside the expat zone (no Recoleta, Palermo or probably even San Telmo - now relatively pricey etc.). If you succeed in finding a modestly priced and reasonably safe area you will then have to deal with the general cost of living which is rising at a frightening pace. The best way is to come for at least a month and check it out.
a bit off topic, but...

When you complain about the prices, remember that the dollar has lost most of its value in the late years compare to other currencies.

1 dollar = x eur

1 dollar = x Nok (Norwegian Currency)

so for me things are getting cheaper here since the peso is tied to the dollar :)


edit: Something is very wrong with this forums software. (upgrade maybe) It's not compatible with firefox or it don't likes bb-code. Gaaah, but hey, we're in Argentina, so things like this is normal :D