Any Ballroom dancers out there?


Oct 18, 2009
Hey guys,

I'm a professional ballroom dancer/teacher, here for at least another year training in the Argentine tango. I have to say that I really miss my ballroom, any professional or amateurs out there and if so, any ballroom movidas out there? I was thinking of organizing a dance at a studio just to connect people together. Would love to hear from you.

The expression trying to find a needle in a haystack applies when trying to find ballroom dancing in Buenos Aires.

The B.A. Tango Guia Trimestral lists the following teachers:

Dario Dorzi and Alicia Sampayo (ballroom)
4635 7322

Elizabeth Guerrero (ballroom)
4931 3644

Monica Neifert (bailes de salon)
4788 9136

There is a young dance community for Lindy Hop with an annual festival in January hosting teachers from other countries. Several groups hold classes, workshops, and regular dances in Buenos Aires.
I have been dancing ballroom for a long time, although not at the professional level. I had a few lessons with Elizabeth Guerrero. She has a ballroom dance once per month at Azucar in Belgrano. I would be interested in a ballroom dance. Ray
Thanks for the heads up, if and when I decide to organize a dance evening, I will post the details.

Hello dbraia,

Just saw your post and thought I would give you a heads up. I haven't turned pro but dance at an open championship level in Latin. My Standard sucks. :)

I too am leaving to B.A to study different forms of dance. I am going to be working with a few different ballet schools during my stay in the winter. So if your looking to do some rounds I would be more than interested.



P.S I will be arriving in January
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