Any company offering data only 4G planes?


A very similar question:
What is the best way to achieve a zero-downtime internet connection?
Speed is not an issue.


What about getting one connection from, say, Fibertel and the other from Telecentro (or whomever). They have routers that will automatically switch between them or use both in some cases for better throughput. I know at least one startup in Palermo that did this.


Does it have to be a plan? You could just get a 4G SIM, from Telecom Personal for example, keep it topped up (they automatically deduct 27.99 Pesos per day for a 200MB allowance per day) and you have a pretty good data connection. You can manage the subscription via the "Autogestion" page. I get between 20 and 50Mbps downlink on Speedtest in Palermo.

It will fall back to 3G if 4G coverage is poor, but that's generally not an issue where I am.