Any English teachers need classes?


Just wanted to let everyone know that one of the institutes I work for, American Training Company, is looking for more teachers - ASAP! I've told some friends but all of their schedules are full. You can either send me a message if you have any questions or email them directly. Good luck!


Can I add to this? I had to stop teaching for a while and I have some students who are looking for a teacher. They want private lessons and are eager to learn. If anyone is an English teacher and would be interested please let me know. I can give you their contact information. Thanks!


Hello to you both,

I would be very interested in both of your classes. My name is Lynsey and I am from N.Ireland. I have jsut arrived in BA and am planning to stay until at least December time.

If you have any questions please ask!
I am a certified TEFL teacher...I have a fairly full schedule with some gaps so I am looking to pick up some more students but I'm going to the US from May 29th-June 15th and will be here until at least December or longer so call me if this works for you 11-3360-4874


hey my email is
im looking to quit one of my institutes and pick up another but something more solid with the same hours every day
please email me and let me know asap...
im going to be away the first 2 weeks of june but after that im free


I think maybe it's best to contact the institutes after your vacations, but they'll be very happy that you're staying until December! I recommend emailing for class openings. The require a certificate; all of my classes with them are in the center/ Puerto Madero. Good luck to all!