Any ex pats over 40 here ?


May 24, 2009
In following a lot of the threads, it seems that most of the folk here seem under 40 (or under 20 I would guess). As I have reached that magic age of 50 (although my Argentine partenr is in her late 30's), we don't really want the pub crawl/adventure sport experience, but as my Spanish isn't up to scratch yet, it would be nice to meet fellow youthful, but older (if you catch my drift), travellers, for a drink some time.

I'm sure there are other less young people around who would like to meet up sometime, please come out and say hi to us. I don't want to sound like a party pooper, I'm far from it. I enjoy a pint as much as anyone, and love my football and rugby, plus I am a runner, so reasonably fit (at least I will be again in a few weeks when my latest soujorn to Dublin wears off). But as I say, would love to meet fellow, less young, travellers/stayers...

So as you know, I'm Irish, with an English accent from living there too long, love sport, politics, good food (yeh, I know!), and can talk on most subjects (usually far too much!). Living outside the ex-pat land in Avellaneda, but always willing to travel.
Hey Liam..Well I guess i,m in the same boat(although I do like a good pub crawl).I am 52 and my wife is Argentine,I live in Boulogne(San Isidro)we have 2 young boys and I like all sports,football(Nottingham Forest)fanatic and I play a hell of a lot of tennis here(so my wife says)let,s meet and have a few bevvies and put the world to rights,, cell is 1551641006....cheers....Howard
I'd guess that most expatriots in Bs.As. (or, perhaps, anywhere else in Latin America) are over forty and that most tourists (some here even for a year or two) are in their twenties and thirties.
I am arriving in BA on December 11 and staying for one month for the process of deciding if I will retire in my home town.

Part of that process is meeting ex-pats so that I can feel less alone and also have people in my life that have also taken the giant leap.

Knowing we all have that same kind of courage has to give us a commonality don't you think?

I will post something on line around the middle of December and ask you all to let me know where a good place would be to have a meet-up.

I have over 100 relatives in BA but I want to prove to them that if I move back that I won't be a mooch or a leech.

I moved to the USA when I was 14 but come back every couple of years to touch base...

What do you all think?

well firstly I,ll be on holiday in England when you are here ,,,damn!!!I came and stayed and have no regrets at all....good luck Diana,,keep in touch eh?besos
Liam - don't worry, in the near future we will be there and we are over 40 (surely senior citizens). We follow your footsteps real close. See ya!
It seems a good idea. BA is one of the cheapest places to retire (Teheran is even cheaper, but I do not recommend you to move there).
If you are an Argie, Caballito is a place to consider seriouly.
Good luck Henry
Liam, I'm a 40 yo brit, living in recoleta. Get in touch if you fancy a beer.
Hi Liam, I think we know each other through a common female friend initials that correct? Well, weather it is correct or not, give me a call, as a 50 year old americano up for a good pint or 2...same goes for Howard in BA. My cwell is 15 6 579 9911