Any experience of ParcelForce from UK to Argentina?


Feb 26, 2020
I'm thinking of getting some things posted to me from the UK using ParcelForce. Mainly clothes - I've read a very extensive list online of all of the things that are prohibited! I know it'll be fairly expensive and probably not very quick. Does anyone have any experience of this? TIA
I used fed ex for som documents last year and was fine but not sure about sending clothes. I know they are really strict with importations. I had a friend that worked for a shoe company and they had huge problems one year because the shoes came from the factory with 2 sets of laces. Customs held up thier imports for a long time as they thought they were trying to smuggle in extra laces.....
I absolutely advise against doing this.

In 2018 my wife and I sent two large boxes of clothes from London to BA via Parcelforce. We were moving over here but travelling for a couple of months first so didn't want to carry them with us.

The boxes got stuck in customs for months. We talked to countless people to try to get them released and the best we got offered was a service that might be able to get them released if we paid several hundred pounds up front.

We assumed them lost, but miraculously they turned up at the sender address back in London about five months later.
Same happened to me when I sent clothes from the UK, albeit with TNT and albeit way back in 2011. Was told they would keep the two boxes of used clothes and I had to pay for them. I paid a couple of hundred dollars to get them and spent hours in customs going from one place to another. While it's been a long time, it seems not a lot has changed.
Thank you all so much, I won't bother then. If you do have any recommendations on services that do work, please let me know - otherwise I'll assume there just aren't any