Any football (soccer) players here?


Aug 30, 2009
I'm looking for people to play with. not played in a few months now and i am missing it. I think i'm getting unfit with all the bife de chorizo and empanadas!
I play from time to time. Let me know if you want to play and we can organize something or play with the guys I regularly play with.
yeah i'd be up for playing cheers. just let me know when you are next gonna play and i'll tag along if that is ok? or if you want to play sooner we can try to organise something on here maybe?
Hi Irish,

I am keen to kick ball, is there any chance i could come along next time you are putting a game together? i am living in Belgrano.

Yep - me too.

Let me know if you guys have any games planned from 13th Dec to mid January. I'm keen to make up numbers.

I´m argentine and can organize a team of locals.
We play futbol 5 (5 VS. 5)

I would be funny to play a game together. Foreigners VS. Locals!

Let me know, thanks.

I am new to baexpats and BUenos Aires. Just arrived last Wednesday and missing my weekly kick abouts. If anything gets organised, count me in please!
Hi, me and a friend are in BA until the 20th January, if you are having a kick around and need people to make up the numbers we would love to play. Also does anyone know if there are any 5 a side pitches close to retiro or recoleta?