Any job for my sister (read the reason of this post inside, thanks)


Jan 3, 2010
Hi people. My sister Marina is 32 years old, have a slight mental problem, meaning that she did go to a special school and she is slow at academic learning. This makes difficult for her to get a job through normal channels. She is good at paperwork, including accounts (but not so good at giving back change in a retail position), really good with kids (she did her share of paid babysitting) and has computer skills (she maintains her Facebook/mail/MSN/etceteras without any help). She also can help in any kind of store or office. I would gladly accept any help from this forum to help her to land a part-time or full-time job. Of course she does not speak English, outside of some common words, as with some words in Hebrew.
She lives in the Palomar-Ramos Mejia area, but we (my family) could arrange transportation for her, and/or she can also travel alone to the workplace.
If you can help me, or know somebody that can, please contact me here, or to my email: [email protected]
Thank you.