Any Max Keiser fans out there?

Mr Medialuna

Hi guys,
I’m an Aussie (Perth) guy living here in BA (centro) with my Tucumana girlfriend. Have been in and out of the country for a few years now but thanks to Mr “Notebook.fix” , just recently joined. I got sucked in a few years back and now can’t leave because of my cafe doble - Medialuna addiction.
Am keen on keeping up with world events and what’s happening over there in the states with our American friends. (Hence the Max Keiser thing! Any friend of Max is a friend of mine.) I guess there’ll be some forums on this site with similar.
Wouldn’t mind getting an update on what mining projects/studies are underway in Arg. I’m an engineer and private trader hence if anyone is trading the Argentine market (which I’ve never done), maybe you can advise the best platforms? Always happy to do over a coffee and meet new folks!