Any-one up for horse riding lessons?


I am a 32 year old British girl who wants to learn horse riding (did a little bit when I was younger) now want to take it up again as I am living in Argentina....when in Rome and all that! Have been living here for about 5 months now so would be good to meet some girl friends to share this with.
I think this place seems quite organised and they can sort lessons when convenient-think they charge around 40 pesos for initial diagnosis then they decide which level you are at-- depending on how many we get to commit- we could organise our own group lesson which could bring down cost or join another group lesson. Happy to hear other suggestions!
Club Hípico de Buenos Aires -
Dirección: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 4700 - (1425) Bs.As.
Tel: 4777- 8777 / 4778-1982 / 4777-1222

Hope to hear from you!


Hi there ChileChicken (sounds lucious!! mmmmnn...)
I´m not into riding (horses) but I´ve always heard good comments on the Club Alemán de Equitación at Av. Dorrego 4045.
Check them out here:
Their phones are: (011) 4772-6289 / (011) 4773-0885
They say they cater to multi-lingual riders.
Speaking of languages, and multi-cultures, check out my other post on the European Club conversation groups at:


Hi There,

Yes I love horse riding and will be in BA for the next six months.

Let me know how you get on with these places.


Chilchicken, I would be very interested. I am an Expat from the US living in BA now. I too rode as a child and have lessons on my to do list while here.pheobo12 at Daniel


Except for one short ride in Bariloche, I don't have any experience in horse riding, but would like to learn.
Any details on the scheduales and prices? Can we have different levels in the same group?


I do this for a semi-living so hopefully I can shed some light on this.
CHA (Club Hipico Argentino) is the most expensive club in Arg. You not only have the cost of the lessons but after 3 months, you must join the club (apply & be approved). There are monthly dues on top of the lesson costs. It's beautiful there but expensive. That 40 peso is only for the intro, I believe there regular lesson cost is 75 pesos.
Club Aleman & Club Buenos Aires are substantially cheaper however I'm not sure how many bi-lingual instructors there are if you need lessons in English. Also I know with Aleman, you must join also - not sure about the other but probably.
I have a good friend who is fluent in English/Spanish (Arg but raised in NY) & I would reccomend her. She is substantially cheaper & teaches out of a private barn. She is however in Pilar so you would need to arrange a way to get there (there is a private shuttle bus & then she may be able to pick you up). I have sent several people over from the US to her & all have really enjoyed the experience.
Please send me a note if I can be of help.