Any other newbies around?


Jan 28, 2009

I am a 28 year old Irish guy who just stepped off the plane this morning. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who fancies meeting up for a coffee/beer/food or whatever.

I am in the Palermo Hollywood area, but that's really just by circumstance.
In the process of looking for somewhere nice to stay.

Anyway - I'd be delighted to hear from anyone/gang of people in my situation or just anyone who fancies meeting up.

Hey Garrett

I am an Irish expat living in BA, been here about 6 months but only found this site today. I am here with my girlfriend who is also Irish and her surname is Byrne too.
We are working in a school which keeps us quiet during the week, but like to go clubbing at the weekend. we are heading for the Reggae concert this weekend and Creamfields in 2 weeks,
If you are interested in meeting up for a drink give me a shout.

the Voodoo Motel should be rocking tonight, but no one goes till 0300. they have the best dj crews in BA.

If you like the EPL, I'll be at Gilbirtar in San Telmo watching Man City vs Chelsea: 1445
and tomorrow night La Bomba de Tiempo are playing at Konex, 20p
I'm not really new but I can't say I've been here a long time either. It's been about 6 months now. If you wanna hang out and just chill. Hit me I'm definitely down. All I need is a form of communication (i.e. Cell phone/text).