Any recommendations on a good printing place?


Feb 9, 2010
Hello all, I need to get some printing job done (biz cards, postcards etc.). I have used one place before but it's a bit far and it's no longer convenient to where I'm working now since I need to see proofs before they get printed in bulk.

If anyone has any recommendations on good and economical printers in the barrios of Palermo/Barrio Norte, that'd much appreciated!

Muchas gracias!
talking about printing....

I am looking for a place that can print a digital photo, the details are:
TIFF 71.35MB 16bits 4351x2866

Anybody knows a place?
Hmm...well I'm no expert on digi fotos (oops I mean PHotos haha), but I found a place called You can have them delivered to your house for 5 pesos or pick them up in the microcentro. I just ordered my first batch, can pick them up Tuesday so I'll send updates once I see them!

I was also wondering if anyone knows if there are any places that can make post cards???
There are about 6 print shops on Uriburu one block off of Cordoba because the Facultad de Medicina is very close. There is a guy between Tucuman and Viamonte that does enlargements of pictures as well as (my) business cards. Good luck!