Any Tangueros/Tangueras on this forum?


Feb 3, 2009
Hi everyone,

Are there any tango dancers on this forum who might like to show a couple of new visiting American ex-pats around the milonga scene, perhaps share some champagne and a tanda or two?

We've been down on a loose tour group to dance last year, but this year we are on our own and here a lot longer and are looking to get the lay of the land. Unfortunately our Spanish is abysmal but we're working hard to learn.

Hi, I just joined. I live here, and am a tango dancer, when are you looking to come? I am going to be out of the country from the 24th Feb until 18th March, other than that I will be happy to assist.
I am not back until May 10th, I would be happy to join you then, if you still need help.
It much depends on what your tango preference is. If you want the nuevo style, then you need someone else. We are very much traditional, and we like the clubs that are full of locals happy to dance anything, not just Tango.
But get in touch if you want to join us in May.
Suerte Bob
I started taking tango classes last year and was fortunate to select a teacher very well connected in the tango scene. Let me know if you want more info.
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